Monitoring Critical Environments, How Can We Make It Easier for You?

When monitoring critical environments, safety needs to be maintained. Whether it is in compounding pharmacies, cleanrooms or operating rooms there are always regulatory standards that need to be met.


Monitoring many environmental parameters is usually required, the most common examples of telemetry points are:

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The Ability to Grasp Wastewater Treatment

In the 1800’s there was a disease called Cholera Pandemic, it was uncontrollable and no one, not even doctors could establish its origin. It killed over 23,000 people just in Britain.


30 years later the world was taught by a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist ‘Louis Pasteur’, how microbes could move through the water sources, causing them to carry the deadly disease.  Following this, the world did try to make a difference by inserting filtration systems that were put into practice, however this sadly became unsuccessful due to the water containing a variety of contaminants.

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Flow Monitoring: Beer and Brewing

At the last count in 2017, there were over 2,000 breweries in the UK. The revolution of craft beer has seen Britain become a ‘brewing powerhouse’ as there are 64% more breweries now than there was five years ago.

Brew pubs (brewed and sold on site) are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and the USA so customers can enjoy the homemade taste of ale on-site. Pubs, craft breweries and microbreweries together are no-doubt making millions of bottles filled with traditional and innovative brews.


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Bespoke Control Box Assemblies

A new client, who are one of the leading companies in the aerospace and defence market across the globe, contacted us for assistance in designing a bespoke solution for controlling their on-site air and water supply feeds.  

Each special control box consisted of pressure reducing regulators fitted with gauges, relief valves, flexible hoses and tube fittings to act as a “plug and play” solution.


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What Is Boiswood?

Boiswood has been a respected & leading supplier in gas and liquid controls since it was established in 1989. Starting the business in Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire with the woodland alongside the office called ‘Gt Bois Wood’, the name ‘Boiswood’ was born.

Tony, who created the business along with 2 other guys several years ago, carries the company to this very day. Tony bought the shares off of his two fellow business partners as they pursued other interests. Luckily for Tony, Boiswood is a company that has achieved many goals and continues to each day, with new and loyal customers from the most advanced manufacturing facilities. With the pace Boiswood is running at, the company will have tripled by 2020!

Since 1989, Boiswood have continued success built on their own company core values. These are: Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus, Integrity, and Respect.

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