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MicraSteel filter housings have been designed for high efficiency filtration of gases and liquids in critical applications. The range of polished AISI316L stainless steel filter housings are purpose designed for use with all grades of MicraTube, MicraLescer, or MicraMesh filter tubes. Manufactured from solid steel bar stocks, in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 specification, they can be used in the pressure range from full vacuum to 350 barg (5000 psig). MicraSteel filter housings have been designed for ease of operation, with a small internal volume to keep response times to a minimum in analyser applications. The three types of filter tube available provide different performance characteristics for a number of installations. MicraTube offers particulate removal at various micron efficiencies. MicraLescer is a coalescing element which removes oil aerosols and particulate matter. MicraMesh is a stainless steel, precision woven, mesh filter, offering bulk contaminant removal. MicraSteel housings are manufactured to fine tolerances and each filter tube is held securely in place by a precision machined center core and locknut. No special tools are required to replace the internal filter tube or to undo and refit the filter bowl making inspection and filter tube replacement quick and simple. MicraSteel filter housings can be ordered in alternative materials such as Monel or Hastelloy for applications that require a higher level of resistance to aggressive gasses or liquids. If required, MicraSteel can be factory prepared for use in oxygen rich environments at extra cost. Standard pipe connections are NPT.

The MicraSteel filter housings can be used in a variety of applications including :-

  • Filtration of high purity bottled gas
  • Filtration of liquid or gas samples to process analysers
  • High pressure or vacuum filtration
  • Filtration of gasses to sterile level
  • Protection of precision in-line valves and equipment and Liquid or gas sample filtration with minimum response time.

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