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McMillan Model U709 UHP Liquid FLO-MONITORS will precisely measure flow rates of virtually any photoresist chemical, whether a short burst of flow or a continuous flow. Dispenses as short as 500 milliseconds and volumes as low as 0.1 grams can be detected repeatably.

Repeatable results are achieved by using a patented microturbine flow sensor design. This design, unlike traditional paddlewheel designs, provides accurate flow measurement with no particle generation or elemental contamination. PTFE, perfluoroelastomers, and sapphire wetted parts ensure compatibility with chemicals commonly found in microelectronics manufacturing processes, including deionized water, CMP slurries, acids, solvents, and photoresist.

These FLO-MONITORS integrate the sensing element with advanced electronics to provide output signals proportional to flow rate. Each unit is individually calibrated before shipment, and a certificate of calibration accompanies all FLO-MONITORS. The reliable technology used reassures process engineers of consistent repeatable results.

ITY Pulse output models have an accuracy specification of ±3.0% full scale or better (including linearity) for stable viscosities.

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