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Float Valves

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Float valves automatically control liquid levels in sealed or open (non-pressurised) tanks and vessels without requiring external energy. The float registers the liquid level and directly controls the valve via a lever. A change in the liquid level immediately results in a changed flow volume.

NV 66 is a pipeline valve for tank mounting capable of handling large volumes. NV 66e is a pipeline valve for horizontal or vertical flow. The valves are made from deep-drawn stainless steel featuring excellent corrosion resistance. The valve cone is fitted with a soft seal.

Top and bottom sections of the valve body are connected by a clamp ring and two bolts. Servicing/maintenance is easy and does not call for special tooling.

The valves are fitted with a float bar on which a float featuring an inner tube is mounted. By changing the position of the float on the bar the required liquid level is infinitely variable.

The following note applies to float valves fitted with float bars: If the liquid level is below the float bar i.e. if the float points downwards, a guide for the float bar should be installed.

    When enquiring or ordering please quote the suffix letters given below:
  • Z = inlet. Valve closes when float rises
  • A = outlet. Valve closes when float drops
  • w = horizontal flow
  • o = upward flow
  • u = downward flow
  • r = includes sealed spindle
  • example: float valve Z/w (inlet valve for horizontal flow).



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