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Bleeding and Venting Valves

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Bleeding and venting valves remove air or gases from systems or pipelines without requiring an external energy input. When a system is drained they act as venting valves; venting may be prevented by fitting a non-return valve.

EB 6.54 is a float-controlled combined start-up and continuous bleeding and venting valve consisting of a main valve for start-up bleed and a continuous bleeding and venting valve built-on laterally. The valve cone is provided with a soft seal, and the minimum pressure for the valve seal is to be 0.3 bar.

Owing to the large seat diametre, large air volumes are discharged at low pressures. The main valve closes as soon as having been filled with liquid. With additional small air quantities accrueing during continuous operation, the continuous bleeding and venting valve opens and discharges the accrueing air. The main valve only opens with falling level and simultaneous pressure relief. If a vacuum arises the valve will open immediately.

Depending on the version the start-up bleeding valves EB 3.50 (PN 6-40) or EB 3.52 (PN 16) can be employed as main valve and for continuous bleeding and venting the types EB 1.12 or EB 1.32 with a nominal width of G 3/4 x 1/2 can be used. Details concerning materials and dimensions can be found on the corresponding data sheets.



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