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The heart of the LNG Vaporizer Assembly is the well-known HPR-2 Series heated pressure control valve. This unit has been used in many successful applications requiring heating of a process stream sample prior to analysis to prevent freeze up or for vaporization. The HPR-2 is a modularized unit consisting of a heated section and pressure control section. A fi eld demonstration has now shown this vaporizer assembly to be serviceable in the vaporization of LNG product for analytical purposes and that homogeneous samples can be obtained under steady state operating conditions.

The HPR-2 pressure control valve is contained in a painted, insulated sheet metal enclosure and combined with an insulated input line plus a pressure gauge and relief valve. The heater section of the electric version is equipped with a thermostat for temperature control and is constructed to meet standard Division 1 Electrical Code requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optional Hastelloy C-276 and Monel
  • Electropolished body with better than 25 Ra fi nish in diaphragm cavity for an optimal sealing surface
  • Bubble-tight shutoff
  • Modular pressure control and heat exchanger assemblies for easy maintenance
  • Unique spiral wrapped heat exchange element provides up to 100 square inches of heat transfer area.
  • Available in 120VAC or 240VAC and steam-heated
  • Optional TCO heating cartridge and proportional controller


  • LNG loading and off -loading points
  • Petrochemical refineries
  • Chemical production facilities
  • Natural gas pipelines



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