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Flow Meters & Sensors

ChemTec CTE


When fluid flows through the unit it displaces the Teflon® encapsulated magnetic piston. This displacement is proportional to the volumetric flow through the unit. A transducer, encapsulated in the body outside the fluid path, senses the displacement of the piston. The transducer’s signal is converted by a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit then sends the signal to three types of outputs: voltage, pulse and current loop.


  • No Bearings
  • Single Moving Part
  • In Line Metering
  • No Rotating internals
  • Materials: Teflon, Brass or 316SS
  • Output: Analog or Digital
  • Measures Low Flows


  • Wet Benches
  • Cooling Systems
  • Corrosive Chemical Dispensing
  • Materials Consumption Measurement
  • Process Controls



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