Oil and Gas

Boiswood are trusted suppliers of products and components from respected manufacturers. Whatever market you’re in, we have unbeatable experience and knowledge of top quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers to offer you.We supply products across a wide range of industries involved in gas and liquid control and measurement. First and foremost Boiswood will offer you an engineered solutions to your application, by gathering the technical requirements and understanding exactly what is required and when it’s required.

We understand the various markets, and the challenges you may face, so we specialise in finding the best technical and cost effective product for your application – from cryogenics, petrochemicals and renewable energies to oil and gas. Our experienced team of professionals are technically trained to help you select suitable, affordable, right-first-time solutions, while our established supply channels and local stocks mean you will receive your products when and where you need them.


Oil and Gas


Boiswood have provided vital products and components to the oil and gas industry since 1989, serving customers who operate everything from platforms and refineries to pipelines and well control systems.

Perhaps in this industry more than any other, reliability, durability and ease of operation are critical, being key to the safe operation of these assets, and for the protection of hydrocarbon resources around the world.

In these high-pressured environments, accurate and dependable monitoring of oil and gas pressure and flow are imperative at all times – and the products we supply our customers in the oil and gas industry stand up to the task.

Boiswood distribute products from brand leaders including Setra, Gems, Micrafilter, and GO, to cover applications that range from storage tank level monitoring, gas cabinets, and oil reservoirs, to skids and wellhead automation.

All products we supply are expertly designed and engineered to be fit for purpose, and to offer unbeatable durability, reliability, affordability and ease of use. The range of products we supply to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry include pressure regulators, filters and filter strainers, crossover manifolds, submersible transducers, and solenoid valves.



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