Boiswood are trusted suppliers of products and components from respected manufacturers. Whatever market you’re in, we have unbeatable experience and knowledge of top quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers to offer you.We supply products across a wide range of industries involved in gas and liquid control and measurement. First and foremost Boiswood will offer you an engineered solutions to your application, by gathering the technical requirements and understanding exactly what is required and when it’s required.

We understand the various markets, and the challenges you may face, so we specialise in finding the best technical and cost effective product for your application – from cryogenics, petrochemicals and renewable energies to oil and gas. Our experienced team of professionals are technically trained to help you select suitable, affordable, right-first-time solutions, while our established supply channels and local stocks mean you will receive your products when and where you need them.




The cryogenics industry face their own unique challenges, and rely on innovative, cutting-edge technology in the construction of cryogenic valves, components and equipment to monitor and control temperature, pressure and flow.

STÖHR design and manufacture specifically cryogenic components, valves, and custom-made cryogenic equipment. Boiswood have worked in partnership with the respected German manufacturer for many years, and have in-depth knowledge of both their product range and capability.

The cryogenic products and components we supply are used in a range of applications including cryostats, helium recovery systems, cooling systems and cryo-plants and can be constructed to be used in vacuum insulated pipework, we also offer thermal design calculations if they are required and ancillary additions such as sensors, and electric control.

The cryogenic products we supply can be used for new and existing applications, as well as for maintenance, repair and spare parts.



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