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Single Point Level Sensors & Switches

Gems Sensors Controls


  • Durable sealed design – IP67
  • Developed for the most rugged aqueous applications
  • Tolerates coolant coating
  • Small size – 2? (51 mm) long
  • Available in Stainless Steel for Food & Beverage Applications

The CAP-300 capacitive level sensor is one of our most durable and reliable point level sensors. The versatile CAP-300 is the ideal OEM solution for power generation equipment, off-highway vehicles, generators, Food & Beverage, Medical, Rail and HVAC applications, and excels in coolant monitoring. With nearly zero maintenance, the sensor mounts in any position, is compact, tolerates coating, remains reliable even in standby mode, and is compatible with temperatures up to 257°F (125°C). For use where sloshing occurs, or the reservoir’s attitude changes frequently, Gems offers a variety of actuation delays.



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