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Bleeding and Venting Valves

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Bleeding and venting valves remove air or gases from systems or pipelines without requiring an external energy input. When a system is drained they act as venting valves.

Owing to their large seat cross section, the valves are suitable for discharging large air quantities at low pressures. They close when filled with the fluid. With the level falling, the valve will only open if the pressure is relieved simultaneously, it does not open under operating pressure.

EB 3.51 is a float-controlled start-up bleeding valve. It is completely made of deep-drawn stainless steel parts featuring excellent corrosion resistance. The float is exactly guided in the inlet connection. The valve seat is of the soft seal type. The minimum pressure for the valve seal amounts only 0,05 bar.

Top and bottom sections of the valve body are connected by a clamp ring and two bolts. Servicing/maintenance is easy and does not call for special tooling.




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